Wednesday, March 3, 2010

F1 timing and track positioning for the iPhone

Soft Pauer Ltd has launched its official Formula One Timing and Track Positioning Application for iPhone and iPod touch users.

The unique application allows fans to simultaneously track the progress of all cars in real time on a dynamic track map which offers a variety of views of the circuit, including the unique ability to see a bird's eye view of the action. The data is taken directly from the official timing feeds generated at each circuit, giving the user unprecedented portable access to the information used by race engineers in the pit lane, with the added ability to track the individual driver of your choice. So for the first time, fans will be able to get a full, detailed picture of the racing action wherever they are.

Soft Pauer CEO, Otmar Szafnauer, who was formerly director of strategy and business planning at Honda Racing, says of the application: "We're very pleased to offer fans an added dimension to the experience of watching Grands Prix. We hope that they will take advantage of this new opportunity to get a full picture of the racing action wherever they go."

"I'm very excited by this application," said Bernie Ecclestone, "as it will allow fans to keep in touch with what is going on whilst on the move."

See the whole circuit in real time

The application converts the live timing data from the track into a graphically rich 3D circuit showing you the location of every driver in real time through the whole race weekend, whether they are on track or in the pits.

Zoom in to see the action

Zoom in and out to track the progress of the race around a particular section of the track.

Choose your driver

Designate the racing driver of your choice and the software will highlight your chosen driver on the detailed track map and depict all other data relative to the chosen driver, including lap time differences between your chosen driver and all others in the race.

Live timing screen

Toggle across to see the main timing screens that the team engineers use at the circuit.

Replay feature

After the sessions have concluded you have the ability to replay any session at any time you choose, or jump to a particular point within the session.

This means if you record the race and start the application as you replay the recording, you can enjoy the live timing alongside your video recording.

To run the application live, your iPhone will require a 3G phone signal or WiFi connection, and your iPod touch will require a Wifi connection.

Full specification and prices can be found on the iTunes store

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