Sunday, May 9, 2010


Again it was an electrifying session with the Red Bulls miles ahead of everybody. Sebastian Vettel was a shoe in for pole from his performances in practice, Q1 and Q2. He also did an incredible lap with an incredible time but was ultimately beaten by his teammate Webber. Webber did a to beat Vettel, a time which Vettel could not replicate earlier.

The McLarens were also up there with Lewis slotting in P3. It would seem normal but a look at the time difference to Vettel reveals a worrying trend. Lewis was almost a full second behind. The power of the Red Bulls are undeniable. Button is P5 with a slight mistake but Alonso managed to sneak in at P4. Massa meanwhile disappointed with P9. Seems since Alonso arrived at Ferrari, Massa has been relegated to the dust heap and the worst part is he's not even lifting a finger about it.

Mercedes is doing better with their new longer wheelbase car. Schumacher is at P6 while Rosberg P8. It seems that Schumacher is back with his control over the team where he has successfully ordered changes to the car to suit himself at the cost of Rosberg. Rosberg did warn us before this race that Schumi won't stay down for long. Now I see what he meant. Perhaps Rosberg has more to talk about to Barichello now.

The best of the newcomers - Lotus, has improved as they said and it shows. Although they are still about 4 seconds behind the leaders (not much change there), they have pulled away from Virgin by about 1 second, which is a great improvement. They are also closer to the midfield now and maybe they can catch them soon.

But the best of the rest goes to Kamui Kobayashi with his "burger" banzai lap that got him into Q2 and Q3 while his teammate Pedro didn't quite like the taste of burger patties. Kobayashi muscled his car with the new updates and Burger King logos into P6 a couple of times but it shows that it is not ready enough to take on the big boys in Q3 when he finished P10. But perhaps Sauber didn't want to use up tyres in that session and saved them for the race. We'll see.

Whatever it is, the race is gonna be a cracker. And if the weather predictions come true, the it will be even better. The Bulls might have some trouble then and Lewis will overhaul them and the rest of the field will be really messed up. Bring it on.

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