Monday, July 26, 2010


It was supposed to be a great race, with Formula 1 not returning to Hockenheim for the last 2 years. The track looked great and is great to drive as well. The championship is shaping up nicely with Red Bull the strong car at every track but McLaren able to reel them in at every opportunity and Ferrari trying to make a comeback.

The last 2 races gave a suspicion that Ferrari got something right but didn't manage to show the potential because of their own mistakes. This race was where they were supposed to show their upgrades had worked. It showed in free practices and Qualifying. The raw pace of the Ferrari was beginning to match Red Bull and leave McLaren in the dust.

That set up a nice race where anything can happen and raw pace would be tested to the fullest. Ferrari had the chance to show their comeback strength and claim a win or a 1-2 in glorious fashion. But instead they chose to show us how low they would go just to entertain someone's ego.

The team orders they issued, which was subsequently proven because they did not appeal the penalty that was given, ruined an otherwise great race. After all that happened, Ferrari were just fined but the results still stand, although they were referred to WMSC for further action. We'll see what else comes out of this.

Other than that, what else is there to say. The race was ruined by Ferrari and that was it. Again, this kind of thing just wastes my 2 hours and all the adrenalin that I invested in the sport. I hope Ferrari think carefully next race in Hungary before they do another stupid thing like this.