Thursday, October 7, 2010


The next race in this ever exciting season will be held at Suzuka, Japan this weekend. Suzuka is another of those classic circuits that everyone loves. Everybody likes it because it hasn't been touched by Tilke and it was designed in the 70s. It is very demanding and fun to drive, even on a simulator. This race is important because it will decide the balance of power until the end of the season.

Another reason it could be extra exciting is because it might rain. Both races in Japan, either at Suzuka or Fuji has always had the threat of rain and cold weather. But Suzuka this year is predicted to rain on Saturday but not on Sunday, therefore potentially disrupting the usual suspects up front.

The final sprint to the championshiop this year is still between 5 drivers and 3 teams, sadly for Massa though. Red Bull and Ferrari stand as favorites up front with McLaren trailing in 3rd, although they will never admit to that. I'm also hoping that is not the case and hoping that they bring some good upgrades there. Also, I hope that those upgrades have a chance to work on track provided Hamilton doesn't crash his car again.

I would like to take this opportunity to praise Alonso (God forbid!). Even though I never liked him, I always knew he was a good driver all round. But this year he has proven something else. He has shown how determination and absolute self belief have transformed his chances of becoming world champion again.

At the middle of the season, a lot of people have written him and Ferrari off after a series of disastrous races and bad luck. But after he announced that he will win the title this year and followed it up with the same message, even to his team that they will win the titles this year, his fortunes has changed.

Ferrari are on a charge with Alonso winning twice since his announcement to the world. Their car now looks strong on any track and Alonso is 2nd in the championship, just 11 points adrift. That was incredible. Even though I don't want to admit it, he looks strong to win the title this year.

But then again, let the talking be done on the track. We'll have to wait and see how it goes. may the best man win.

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