Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Bernie can dream, can't he?
Somebody has been able to produce an F1 car for 2 dollars!! Yes, you heard right, 2 dollars!! USD2!! Now this is something the teams and especially the FIA has been rattling on about for a long time. We have to reduce the costs in F1 as it was getting ridiculous. Teams could spend an obscene amount of money on everything. If they didn't have the technology or ability to compete, they would just go out and buy it.

Some would call it the golden age of F1, some call it the dark ages. To me it was a vulgar period where money talks and the team with the most money would be able to trample on everybody else. So the FIA curtailed that and the idea of customer cars came along. They wanted to have a situation where there was more participation from teams who wanted to go racing for racing's sake. Not a 100 billion dollar motoring empire trying to stamp their mark on racing and off-loading a few million cars in the process.

I like the idea of smaller, agile and innovative teams joining the grid. It would be even better if they could shake up the established order once in a while. But in order for these teams to exist and survive the costs have to be brought down or the sponsorships must come in. Alas, the latter is not happening, not in this day and economy.

Lo and behold, the solution has arrived. And just in time. The 2014 turbo season is upon us. With this cheaper F1 car, teams will be able to compete with the likes of Ferrari or McLaren or Red Bull. Hell, anybody can form a team and compete now. Bernie, eat your heart out.

Although upon closer inspection, I suspect this new F1 car won't go very fast. Or anywhere. Yes it is very cheap, it costs only USD2 to make. Yes, USD2 to make. Literally. It is made of 2 pieces of US 1 dollar notes. No..really. It was made by DeviatArt artist orudorumagi11. It took him a month to do and it looks fantastic. He also has a USD10 F1 racer for those of you who want to go a bit faster. To have a closer look at his work visit here.

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