Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Not my fault, blame the hose..
Many races have been decided inside the pitlane by teams switching drivers ( a fine example of team orders although a cleaner way of doing it), by pitting early or later, by pit crews who do a fantastic job changing the tires or by blunders such as not attaching the wheels properly. We saw some in the last race in Sepang where Lewis Hamilton stopped in the wrong pitbox and by McLaren who once again bungled a pitstop this time screwing up Jenson Button's wheel so much so that he had to retire from the race.

So what are the best pitlane blunders of all time then? Keith of F1 Fanatic has compiled a list of the top ten pitlane blunders and it provides for some good laughs. Example from Keith:
Disaster struck at the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix when race leader Felipe Massa, pitting under the safety car following Nelson Piquet’s infamous deliberate crash, was given a green light before the fuel hose had been disengaged.
Massa drove off, tearing the hose from the garage and dragging it to the far end of the pit lane. His mechanics eventually removed it and the Ferrari returned to the race, but a potential ten points had been lost and serious damage to Massa’s championship hopes had been done.
I remember that incident. Seeing the Ferrari drive off with the fuel hose was quite entertaining but that's just me. For the top ten list then, proceed HERE.

Man, this thing is heavy..
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