Wednesday, August 28, 2013


First, let me get my frustration out, not out of the way, just out because it is always there. I, and quite a bit of other F1 fans waited for almost 4 weeks for some F1 action to satisfy our hunger. Not only was there no F1 action for 4 weeks, there was hardly anything to read for 4 weeks too. And the next race after that was Spa, the best track ever in F1 and the world. It was supposed to be a fantastic race with overtaking, team strategy changes due to the weather and balls out overtaking on Eau Rouge.

Instead what did we get? A yawnfest courtesy of Sebastian Vettel. And from lap 1 at that! And he never looked back, never was really challenged and the RB6 never had any problems. It was another perfect race for Vettel and Red Bull. Well, half of Red Bull at least. The other half with Mark Webber seems to be having all the problems with a clutch issue on the formation lap. Again he got a bad start and was swallowed by the field. Why is that? Is Red Bull putting all resources into 1 car? Looking that way as Mark is leaving anyway and Vettel will clinch his 4th world title anyway. Funny thing is this seems to be happening for the last 3 years as well.

On the other hand, we could blame the yawnfest on Mercedes and Ferrari for not producing an unbreakable and freakingly fast car at any track and in any weather condition. But if I'm honest, I would say the fault lies with Mercedes for going with a wet setup on their car as maybe they predicted it would be a wet race. Lewis proved that their setup was superior in the wet on qualifying day but race day was dry. Luck? For who then? Either way, they need to get a new weather prediction service.

I can do this all year..
And what about Ferrari? Their setup seemed not good enough in the wet but better in the dry. Yet it was not enough to chase down Vettel. Nando is the only driver capable of chasing and beating Vettel this year although Lewis also has a fair chance if Mercedes can get the car right. Ferrari needs to get their car right as well because the RB9 is mighty strong.

Next track is Monza and if Red Bull can replicate what they did at Spa, it seems another win is on the cards for Vettel there. This race showed that the RB9 can be tuned for top speed as well as cornering downforce. That is a potent combo that will just kill off the championship with 7 races to go.

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