Thursday, September 26, 2013


Vettel won again, what did you think? And not only did he win it, he had spare pace with the ability to pull away 1 to 1.5 seconds per lap from everybody else. The pace of the RB9 was MONSTROUS, it was obscenely ridiculous. Actually, there was no race in Singapore last weekend, it was just a cruise to collect even more points to guarantee a fourth world title for Vettel.

Behind him was a scrap, for whatever scraps that was left on the table. Alonso lost even more points to Vettel even though he finished second. Although there were a lot of good overtaking and fights behind, it was just a show. It is not a race when the victory was sealed on lap 2. Vettel had a 4.1 second gap to Rosberg on lap 2. What does that tell you? Even the safety car coming out didn't help much, Rosberg totally failing to do anything at the restart.

Actually the race was set by qualifying already when Vettel took a strategy gamble on Saturday, opting not to do a final run to save a new set of supersoft tyres for the race. Having a new set would mean Vettel could have superior pace at a key point in the race or if he was under pressure and forced into stopping earlier than ideal to avoid an undercut, he could put on a new set of tyres which would give him the pace to get out of trouble. In the end he didn’t need to worry; his pace advantage was so significant that even with a safety car cutting down his lead, he still had a huge margin over his rivals.

The Mercedes drivers were no threat at all. Their pace was good but let down by strategy, blaming traffic is normal, everybody gets that...except Vettel of course. Ferrari were also nowhere near Red Bull so couldn't mount a challenge. And Lotus lost Grosjean to a car problem while Kimi made a good comeback. All in all, there was no real challenge for Vettel in Singapore. It was just a walk in the park.

Which brings us to last few races of the season. Vettel and Red Bull did well last year on these last few races so there is no reason to believe they won't this year. With the RB9 good on low, medium or high downforce tracks, what is there to stop them now from wrapping up the titles soon with a few races to spare? And what is to stop some of us from gong fishing instead?

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