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So here we are, the final race of the season. It's been a long one. Even with both world championships decided a long time ago, if you're a real F1 fan you'd still be up to watch this race. Not only is it the last race of the season but it is held at a fantastic track (facilities and looks, not layout). I was there in 2009 and it was great.

Here we have a guest post on why you should watch this race. With or without any reasons, I say watch it. It's gonna be a long winter.

Four reasons why you should watch the final F1 race of the season

Hamilton may have already won the trophy and the podium line-up is decided, but Sunday's F1 race in Abu Dhabi is still worth watching. Here’s why.

1. This could be the last race for Red Bull

Not so long ago, Red Bull used to dominate the F1 world, when it won the title four years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) with an amazing alliance between its Renault-supplied engines and the driving skills of Sebastian Vettel. What a difference tw years makes, Red Bull's partnership with Renault has ended bitterly, and they have not yet found a new engine supplier. Although they are signed up for next season, there may be soon two strong drivers without a team if they do not find a new supplier quickly!

Up until recently, Red Bull was counting on either Mercedes or Ferrari as alternate supplier, but this is seemingly less and less likely.

Chief technical officer Adrian Newey has been frustrated figure for Red Bull and explains : "We are possibly forced out of Formula 1 because Mercedes and Ferrari have become concerned we would beat them with their own engine".

A decision is expected shortly, possibly after this weekend’s race.

2. Watch the battle beyond the podium

While the top of the rankings is now known, there is some tension in the fight for 4th and 5th place. Finnish drivers are trying to elbow each other out of the way, both figuratively and litterally: Veltteri Bottas is currently in 4th place (Williams team) while Kimi Raikkonen is in 5th place (Ferrari team). In Mexico, both collided again, after their initial brush-up in October in Sochi. There were rumors that Ferrari is considering replacing Raikkonen with Bottas, and that could explain the tension between the two, though this has now been resolved with a suprise new 1 year contract for Raikkonen.

Currently, odds are favouring Raikkonen for fourth place in the championship, while Bottas is predicted to struggle in Abu Dhabi.

3. Will Ferrari confirm its revival?

It would have been difficult for Ferrari to do worse than last season, and thanks to Sebastian Vettel (who replaced Fernando Alonso in the driver's seat), things are going much better in 2015! 3rd place this year is definitely better than last season, when they had their worst season in 21 years. Vettel has done relatively well and is actually the only driver who has managed to give Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg a little competition this year.

Vettel is popular in the media and seems to be thriving with Ferrari. It will be interesting to see how well he performs in Abu Dhabi.

4. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

The turbulent relationship between the two Mercedes drivers has not gone away. With the 1st and 2nd place already secured, it is unlikely the two teammates are going to risk anything this weekend. However, calm heads have not been Hamilton and Rosberg’s strong point so far this season, so the rivalry between the two could flare up again.

In fact, several commentators believe that this season will be the last one with Rosberg teams-up with Hamilton.

Therefore, the last race of the year has plenty to intrigue for next year and it is certainly worth watching the event at the magnificent resort Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

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