Friday, February 19, 2016


The 2016 season is almost upon us. Launch season is here. The first test session of the season is only next week. All drivers have been confirmed. So what will the cars look like? We can only guess. We'll have to wait till next week at least to have a look when the first test starts in Barcelona.

How will they sound? We've been told that they'll sound louder and better. The main “improvement” in the quality of F1’s sound for 2016 will come from new regulations allowing two exhaust pipes instead of one. Mercedes’ technical chief, Paddy Lowe, is convinced the system will work, although he admits he is unsure of how much louder, exactly, the new 2016-spec. engines will be.

According to Williams technical chief Pat Symonds it will be up to 25 per cent louder. Although Symonds admits the wastegate "doesn't open very much" on modern-day engines, with the turbo units designed to be as efficient as possible, the layout of the exhaust system used in 2014 and 2015 still had a negative impact on the quality of the sound produced - creating a so-called 'dead zone' in the pipe. And even without the changes, Symonds says F1's engine sound would have continued to produce more sound in 2016 as manufacturers continue to make development breakthroughs.

But really, how much louder can it get? On normal street turbo cars they use huge exhausts that make the sound very loud. Well at least for us mortals. Since F1 regulations like to strangle fun, I'm not so sure. Although even a small improvement is still better than nothing.

Although seriously, if you make a direct comparison there is no competition. See the video below.

Amazing isn't it? I really do miss the sounds of the old V8 and V10. Hopefully the new sounds will be better. For your convenience below are the sounds from 4 of the teams for 2016.

To be honest the Ferrari sounds the best so far. It has that unmistakable V8 burble, I like it. We'll know for sure soon enough. Can't wait to hear them at full tilt.

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