Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Button: It's not yet a two-team fight

Monday 27th April 2009

Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel have ruled out talk of a two-team fight for this year's World title, with both drivers predicting that McLaren and Ferrari are already building towards a return to the top.

Button currently has a 12-point in the Drivers' standings after claiming his third race win of the season in Bahrain on Sunday. It's been an impressive start to the campaign for the Brit and his Brawn team, especially considering that just two months ago they weren't even sure if they would make the starting grid this season.

Despite his victory in the desert, however, the Brit was the first to point out that Brawn no longer holds the pace advantage boasted in the opening two races of the Championship where they dominated from start to finish.

With Red Bull and Toyota now breathing down Brawn's neck, Button also fears McLaren and Lewis Hamilton could pose a big threat to his World title bid.

"Well, at the moment you would say that these three teams sat here (Brawn, Red Bull, Toyota) have been the most consistent, you're right, but I would say that the McLarens seem to be a lot more competitive this weekend," Button said.

"They made a step forward in China. Supposedly they haven't had anything new on the car here but they've moved forward a lot and Lewis ended up fourth. They've obviously done a good job, so you can't forget McLaren.

"When we start in Europe I'm sure they are going to have some new parts and they are going to be very competitive. It's positive that we've got some points on them already."

Meanwhile, Vettel has also warned against writing off Ferrari, who finally bagged their first points of the Championship on Sunday, as the Scuderia has both the man-power, money and know-how to improve their car.

"There's a long, long way to go, we've done just four races. As Jenson said, I think his team has made the strongest impression so far. We are pushing very hard, we are getting closer, so especially on Saturdays we seem to get much stronger," said Vettel

"You may not forget the teams (that were dominant) the last couple of years, McLaren as well as Ferrari. They have a lot of resources and they have proven in the past that even if they have a bad start they can come back very quickly, so we have to keep pushing and for us, we want to be the best, and there is at least one team still in front of us, so we have to keep pushing hard."

Source : Planet F1

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