Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm really getting sick of Max and his shit..the latest being the budget cap and the two-tier regulations that go with it. It doesn't make sense. I wouldn't want to compete in a sport where there is two different sets of rules where from the start there is a clear disadvantage for some and advantage for some. Simply, there is no fairness involved. And to think the FIA and Max was touting fair play everywhere they went especially when they hammering McLaren.

In the current economic situation budgets definitely have to be reigned in, we can’t be spending 400 million and above forever. A cap is OK but not 40 million at the highest level of motorsports. If that is what it takes to compete in F1, then might as well compete in lower categories or just watch some spec series.

Why can’t they just set it at a level that the manufacturers are agreeable to, say 120 million. Then whoever wants to spend that much or not, it’s up to them, if u have it and want to spend it, go ahead. If you can’t, don’t. It is a cap after all, that is what a cap is all about, it caps at the top. Your options are between 0 and the cap..up to you.

At the same time, allow technical freedom to everybody under the cap. If you spend 40 million and are smart, you’ll still beat somebody who spends 120 million but is not so smart. Then the sport will still keep it's DNA which is ingenuity working in a set of rules and limitations to produce results. We don't want F1 to become another spec series like A1. Yes with unlimited budgets the bigger rich teams could spend their way to the front of the grid.

With a 100 million cap, it would be a bit more difficult to do. But with technical freedom, some solutions needn't cost a bomb to be effective, to get another half a second per lap. Look at Brawn. The teams with not so much money will have to be smarter, to think of ingenious solutions without spending so much. The richer teams would be happy also to get half a second without spending their full budget. Rich or poor, everybody wants to cut costs.

At the end of the day, whatever the outcome F1 needs to get rid of Max. He is bad for the sport, bringing it into disrepute many times over and is childish, stupid and ugly. Max - up yours!

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