Monday, May 25, 2009


You'd never guessed it but there's a first time for everything. Yesterday's race was the first race in my F1 viewing career that I actually got bored with the race and tuned out halfway. I went into the kitchen with the TV still blaring out the V8 sounds around Monte Carlo, looked out the window and saw pigs flying.

The Monaco GP this year started off promising with some overtaking, my favorite was Barrichello's move on Kimi for P2. That was classic and powerful, I was surprised Kimi didn't fight back with his KERS. After that it basically went downhill as the race degraded to a procession. Lewis being stuck behind didn't help either.

On top of that, Kovalainnen crashed out so my only hope was Vettel who has car trouble and crashed out too. The BMWs were rubbish, they had no pace at all. I was happy for Force India though as Fisi almost got a point after finishing P9.

Well, that's all I have to say about that. See how boring the race was? And to top it all off, the "right boring bastard" won again. Yawn..

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