Friday, July 3, 2009


This story of Fernando Alonso moving to Ferrari has been making the rounds for the last couple of years. And why not, a lot of good F1 drivers have ended up there as Ferrari is the oldest and most prestigious team on the grid (not necessarily the most righteous).

Although I don't like both Ferrari and Alonso, and I would hate the day that their association is confirmed, I have to admit that they would make a good pair. I don't like Alonso because I feel that he is not a very honest person plus all his cocky showmanship while driving for McLaren was unnecessary but I have to admit he is a damn good driver after watching him drive in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Give credit where credit is due.

I don't like Ferrari because during the Schumacher years they won too much and were cocky about it. If they were humble about it, it would have made a difference. That cockiness might have been attributed to Jean Todt being there. Plus the FIA bias didn't help and a lot of things that Ferrari did went unpunished whereas other teams got punished for something less.

So, for me alonso to Ferrari would be a real disaster as the cockiness of the team and Alonso would peak at that time. I'm certain Alonso will win another world championship then though. Sigh....

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