Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We are at the halfway point of the season where the championship takes a breather for 3 weeks. Everybody gets a chance to rest and recuperate, especially Felipe Massa after his accident at the Hungaroring last week. He is reportedly fine for now but long term damage is unknown. His personal physician reports that his eye is undamaged but whether he can race again is too early to tell. But then again, if Webber could do it, so can he.

One thing for sure is that he won't be racing for the rest of the season. The question is who will replace him? Ferrari have 2 good test drivers that could do it but isn't it more interesting if Schumacher was the one?

Another twist to the season is that Renault has been banned from the next race at Valencia (Alonso and Piquet won't miss much as that race is boring) because of the incident where Alonso's front right wheel was not attached properly during the pitstop, he was released anyway and the wheel flew off onto the track which could have killed somebody (which was what happened to Henry Surtees, son of world champion John Surtees in F2).

It seems that McLaren have caught up with the leaders and beaten them to the line. Their updates are working as Lewis and Heikki are more confident in the corners and therefore are more aggressive in qualifying and the race. It shows when the race started and when Lewis overtook. He himself said that the car is fantastic to drive.

The Red Bulls have fallen off the pace a bit but are still a formidable force at the front as shown by their qualifying results. Only Ferrari beat them to second place because of strategy and maybe KERS. Talking about strategy, Toyota seems to have a good one as they managed to get both cars in the points after a disastrous qualifying.

The most worried team must be Brawn GP as they have fallen off the pace. Maybe they can't spend their way to the front any more. I have a feeling that the Brawn cars are gonna be stuck in the midfield for the rest of the season and their world championship hopes will dry up. Shame as they burst on the scene with such freshness of the ultimate underdog.

What do you think? Which team and which driver will become champion? Will Brawn find enough performance or money to make it to the end?

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John said...

It seems like the brawn-redbull battle is like last year's ferrari-mclaren fight. The Brawn seemed invincible on hot tracks, like the Ferraris of last year, while the red-bulls are better off in cooler tracks, like the mclaren of last year...