Monday, May 11, 2009


The Spanish GP is never a great race because it is very difficult to overtake. This year is no different even with all the changes. Todays' race was normal for Catalunya. The first turn accident was big, looking at Mark Webber's face during the post race interviews tells you that much.

Brawn was again unbeatable, nothing new there. Although I was looking at Barrichello winning, there was something about team orders changing Barrichello's strategy compared to Button's. We'll see what that was about a bit later.

Ferrari's strategy was good for me. Kimi breaking the car again and the best of all was Massa's car was fueled wrongly and he had to give way to Vettel, if not he would have to push his car to the finish line. In fact he did stop right after the finish line. We'll have to see what the FIA says about that later. Maybe Massa's car will be light at the weigh in later, who knows.

Talking about Massa, he basically fucked up Vettel's race by using his KERS to overtake Vettel at the first turn. Vettel lost so much time after that because he couldn't overtake Massa (because of KERS). He did get close many times but no cigar. Webber had a better strategy and made a good move to defend from Alonso thereby finishing on the podium.

Everybody else had a forgettable race. As for McLaren, Heikki again had bad luck when his car broke down and he had to retire. He in fact made a good 7 places at the start to run higher than Lewis. His luck really needs to change soon.

As for Lewis, this is a race to forget, much like his championship hopes too. It was frustrating trying to enjoy the race without Lewis being able to score points. His start was quite bad, lost some places. His strategy was not bad, moved up to the points at half way but then the rear tyres gave up and he had to change them. The team said no choice, they wanted him to stay out but it was impossible. Lewis was pretty upset after the race during the interviews. He said quite directly that the car sucks. No grip. He was clearly not happy with McLaren for not doing enough to fix the car.

The next race is in Monaco but even if Lewis wins that one, it would not suddenly make retaining his title a reality. For me, it's basically gone. Button is just too far away. The constructors title is also slipping away, can't win it with 1 car. McLaren are better off working on next years' car.

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