Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, let me apologise for this delay to post my opinions on the cars that were launched recently by the F1 teams for this season. My mind has been quite busy lately dealing with some personal stresses.

So, getting to the point. The first test of the season is already underway at Valencia (not the street track but the permanent one, I must say that track is pretty short and not so demanding) but I have not even given my 2 cents of the current crop of cars. So here it goes.


The Ferrari F10 looks good. The overall shape is different than last years' car and the nose is similar but seems higher and longer. The front wing is complicated, the rear wing is still too small but there is a nice touch of white to the livery. The sidepods are weird though and I seem to notice the exhaust coming out halfway down them, is that right or even legal?


So far the most beautiful car in the pack. McLaren have this knack for good design, they did it last year with the MP4-24 when the new front wings were revealed, they had the best looking front wing. This year the whole design is more cohesive and beautiful. Still having that 'Red Bull' high nose of 2009 and the sidepods are smaller and the shape is different. I am amazed at their 'shark fin' engine cover though as it extends and connects all the way to the rear wing. That front wing is also damn complicated.


They've unveiled a car that is much like last years' car and Red Bulls' car as well. Red Bull started the high nose design last year and STR has followed through, that design was a competitive design. The car looks not much different besides the extended engine cover and the shark fin joining the rear wing, much like McLaren. Although that front nose does look similar like the Mercedes.


Mercedes really outdid themselves. Not only does the car look fantastic, the livery is one of the best looking. I would rate their livery together with McLaren as the best looking this year. The car itself was based on the Brawn BGP-001 but the nose is much lower with a sudden drop after the front tyres. And the front wing is again complicated. The sidepods are different, twisted somehow. The nose has that sunken valley like Ferrari's and overall looks good.


Renault have reverted back to their original team colors of the 80s in the absence of major sponsors and I have to say the R30 looks bad just like the R29. I still prefer the colors of the Mild Seven days. Although a saving grace is that the nose does mimic the F2004 and overall the shape is ok, nothing radical. This year Renault have decided to go for the shark fin though and Kubica must be hoping that whatever design that has been put in better work or his career will be delayed again after his days at BMW. Overall, I would have to say that the R30 is one, if not the ugliest car on this years' grid.


This car is weird. What else can I say? Look at that nose, it's too high and the color scheme makes the car look like it has a weird shape. The nose looks like it was cut off at the bottom or something. And not having any sponsors makes it look worse. The front wing is fairly complicated and they have the shark fin too. I'm not sure of this car's design but it seems to work these few days at testing as Sauber has finished 2nd on the timesheets so far. Maybe they're looking for sponsors with low fuel runs, who knows.


The new Williams looks like the old Williams. The color scheme looks the same and most of the sponsors are the same too. The nose and front wing looks then same, you'd have to look carefully to see the difference. What can I say, it looks the same as last years' car.


And the latest reveal is by Virgin. Their car has been completely designed on a computer via CFD with no windtunnel work or models made. The nose is very long and the rest of the car looks typical. I can't see any radical design there, maybe because of that boring color scheme. The front wing looks normal not complicated and the engine cover is also normal. I was hoping that a Virgin car would be cool or hip or whatever as Branson is known for his over the top..whatever. But the end result is bland.

So, what's left now is to see how Red Bull will look like. I got a feeling they will come out with something radical that will give a good fight this year as they came tantalisingly close last year. And of course the balance of the newcomers such as Lotus, Campos and USF1.

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