Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Michael Schumacher will be the world’s most superstitious man

This was written by Duncan Stephen, based in Kirkcaldy, Fife on his great blog DoctorVee. I'm a regular visitor and reader of his articles. I wanted to share his lighthearted look at the new 2010 season so I've re-posted this here. For more in-depth and critical analysis of F1 please visit his blog at

Following on from the revelation that Michael Schumacher has a mad superstition for odd numbers, the German will reveal a litany of hitherto unknown superstitions. Among these will be an insistence that his team mate runs with an inferior set-up because “it makes me feel a bit better about my car”.

He will also reveal that he has a special form of OCD that means he just has to brake-test any drivers that are behind him, and cannot stop himself from driving straight into anyone who has just overtaken him. He also has a strong superstition for getting to choose his own parking space, and will park his Mercedes car in Race Control, where he can literally control the race by tampering with the timing system.

No-one will think to point any of this out, because nothing is allowed to get in the way of Princess Michelle’s Fairy Tale Comeback.

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