Friday, February 26, 2010


It seems that the weird McLaren shark fin engine cover with a connecting part to the rear wing has been copied by Ferrari. Alonso was seen sporting one today at the Barcelona test. Have a look courtesy of picture from F1Fanatic and photography by Julien Leroy.

Now, compare this to the McLaren MP4-25 below.

Something about this design works I suspect. In fact, Alonso recorded the fastest time ever for this test today at Barcelona, beating Webber by about 3 tenths. His best time was 1:21.183 done somewhere in a 14 lap run. We'll have to see what the analysis by James Allen of todays' test first to make a more educated guess of the pace of the Ferrari.

Whatever it is, the Ferrari F10 looks good this year so far and Alonso looks good so it's a scary prospect. I've always admitted Alonso is a good driver even though I don't like him. And Alonso in a Ferrari is scary, what more a performing Ferrari.

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