Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Did you know that there has been 9 circuits used previously to host the United States GP before Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas? And that all of them were temporary and/or street circuits? And that Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas is the first purpose built F1 track in the USA?

The US GP certainly has had a chequered past. It has been to all sorts of circuits in the USA from street tracks to Nascar tracks to a Las Vegas parking lot! That was the most ridiculous place to put an F1 race, a parking lot is for go karts. But they've done it.

Since racing in America is and has always been dominated by Nascar which basically means oval racing i.e. racing on oval tracks, some F1 fans have suggested or imagined F1 oval racing. Some people might think oval racing is boring as the drivers just turn left and keep their foot down but some fans think otherwise such as sumedhvidwans (@sumedhvidwans):
"Drivers would not complain about traffic. Infact they might want it as it would give them a tow. There will be no need of DRS. Use of KERS will become even more intelligent you might not be able to recharge your KERS. Teams would probably use different pressures on left and right tyres. Mclaren fans can heave a sigh of relief as there will be no more than 7 gear changes in the whole race. For once, Adrian Newey’s genius of generating downforce will be a bad thing. Engine power will come to prominence once again."
Keith of F1Fanatic has put together a list of the tracks used before and their history. Makes interesting reading here.

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