Sunday, October 14, 2012


I just wanted to comment on how F1 fans respond to their drivers results before, during and after an F1 race. We all have our own favourite driver or team. And we are quite committed fans in F1. We are really strong supporters, good or bad and are really passionate about our sport.

But it has been some time that I've noticed some of these fans are becoming fanatical. Being fanatical is ok, so am I about my driver/team. But when it takes over logic, it gets frightening. A sample:

It's such a shame! I can't believe why the car is/was so bad after the first stopp! Lewis has done all he can, but the car was simply too slow..Is that sabotage from McLaren against Lew?

Why would a team sabotage one driver to support another when they're in the same team? Does it make sense to have an internal rivalry like that and not care that your team loses to other teams? It sounds like the team exists to make sure one driver loses to the other.

I think if we all sit down and slow down, we would realise that F1 teams exist to win, especially a team like McLaren. To win the constructors championship and the drivers championship. Sabotaging one of your own drivers does not help you to win the constructors championship, not does it help to win any drivers championship either.

But more importantly, do us fans realise that each constructors championship point equals money for the top 10 teams at the end of each season? Money that goes back into funding the team for the next season. The more money you have, the more development you can put in your car. If you are sabotaging one driver for the other, you will lose points which equals money. You might as well just throw cash out the window.

So, lets be more logical and fair to each driver on the grid. I'm a Hamilton fan and I'm upset that his race was screwed today but I seriously do not think McLaren sabotaged Lewis' car to help Button. If they did, it didn't help did it? Button was taken out in the first lap. Karma?

The only thing McLaren need to do is buck up, fix the car and their operations. At the end of the day, the drivers get their millions but the team loses with less points at the end of the season. Think about it. And lets enjoy the next race.

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