Saturday, August 1, 2009


That is one interesting possibility, isn't it? Lewis himself is very excited at the prospect of testing himself against Schumacher. Obviously, growing up and dreaming to be in F1 and being the best in the world, the only was to prove that you are the best is by beating the best. And the best so far, according to other people (not me) is Schumacher. But first Schumacher has to get fit and test the F60, then only he can race. We'll see.

My thoughts? Hard to say. Depends on the car really. If you read my post on the car here, you'd have a better picture. Is the Mp4-24 better than the F60? Only just recently at Hungary. But then Kimi finished 2nd to Lewis so probably both cars are evenly matched. Which is a really interesting fact as we could then see who is the better driver. Maybe Schumacher has a slight disadvantage as he has not been racing for 2 years and he is not used to the new rules without traction control, less downforce, slicks, etc. But don't count out the sly fox just yet. I'll be rooting for Hamilton and keeping a watchful eye on the Schumi.

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