Thursday, August 20, 2009

New front wing system for McLaren

McLaren's MP4-34 will head into this weekend's European Grand Prix in Valencia with a new front wing and rear floor.

The Woking-based team are eager to make it two wins a row following their victory in Hungary last month and they hope the upgrades will give them a big push.

"This coming weekend we have a new front wing system for the car to hopefully bring some more performance," team principal Martin Whitmarsh is quoted by Autosport.

"You will see that will be on one car in P1, with the new rear floor on the other car in P1... we need to back-to-back the new front wing and rear floor modifications, so by P2 both cars will have converged on the same specification."

Whitmarsh also believes KERS is one of the major reasons for the team's return to form in recent races.

"Now there is no doubt that KERS is an advantage," he added. "We have potentially a small lap time advantage, we have an overtake or defend advantage and certainly, if we can get near the front of the grid, then we have a launch advantage.

"At the beginning of the year we were frankly too far back on the grid to be able to exploit the launch advantage that KERS should be giving us, but it is now coming together and it is an advantage, and a real interesting technical challenge for everyone in the team and the drivers."

Source : Planet F1

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