Sunday, September 6, 2009


Renault have been summoned by the World Motorsport Council to answer charges that they orchestrated the Piquet accident at last years' Singapore GP in order to make Fernando Alonso win the race. The hearing is set for September 21st.

It seems quite logical for this to happen after watching the race. Immediately after the crash, I remember thinking to myself this was typical Piquet, that he couldn't handle the car but there was a niggling feeling at the back of my head that it could have been fixed. He could have done it on purpose. The accident looked fake even with Piquet's bad driving, he couldn't be that bad. To add fuel to the fire, Massa remarked to Flavio after the race, albeit in an accusing tone that the accident looked strange. What wasn't so strange was that Massa drove off with his fuel hose down the pitlane.

After the race, there was some discussions that he faked it, he crashed on purpose. Now the worms are out of the can and Renault could be in for a beating for this. Rumours are going around that it was Piquet who ratted out to the FIA after he was fired by Renault recently, which makes sense, he was rather pissed off. It could go either way but I have a strong feeling that nothing will happen because Renault is not McLaren. Then again, Max Mosley could be out to get Flavio as a going away present.

Could this be the end and the excuse for Renault i.e. Carlos Ghosn to back out of F1 and save a load of cash?

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