Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, that pulled the carpet from under me. I know of the possibility of this happening because of the reported rumours but I didn't really put any thought into it. Now I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm really happy for Fisi now that he's got into his dream drive (being an Italian and all) and a competitive car.

The question has to be asked though, who will replace him at Force India? More importantly, will he remain a driver at Ferrari next year with the return of Massa and possible arrival of Alonso or will he become a test driver? I guess that depends on his performance but given his age and the lure of Alonso's potential, it's more than possible that he will become a test and reserve driver. And Stefano confirms it:
"Furthermore we considered what could be his role inside the team in the near future, also taking this year's experiences into account. He will be the reserve driver in 2010."
McLaren better wake up now, especially Heikki as they need to score as many points as possible to finish the season on top of Ferrari. They are currently 12 points behind and with Fisichella possibly scoring more, it's gonna be a tough fight.

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