Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When Singapore says they are going to do something, you bet they will do it and do it right. Now after only their second year into hosting the F1 race, they are already talking about developing a motorsports hub with 3 proposals being put forward.

Sleepy Changi could soon stage motorcycling’s equivalent of Formula One, have a race driving academy whose graduates include top F1 drivers, or be transformed into a family-friendly shopping and entertainment destination.
When they plan something, they plan it properly from the start. A race track will not be much, it must be accompanied by other facilities to attract a bigger market. They know how to tap the thirst for motorsports there.

Sepang has been in existence for 11 years and nothing resembling a hub has come up. The government adn powers that be keep talking and wasting money. Soon Singapore will overtake us and again, money around the region will flow into Singapore. No wonder a small country with no natural resources is richer than us.

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