Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hamilton: Light at the end of the tunnel

Tuesday 23rd June 2009

Lewis Hamilton is hopeful for at least a small upturn in form at the Nurburgring after spending much of the British GP fighting at the back of the field.

Hamilton's British GP was anything but a happy return to home ground for the Brit but he did at least put in some of the better racing on display as he fought with former nemesis Fernando Alonso - albeit over 16th place.

Now, turning his attention to the next race in Germany, Hamilton is hoping that McLaren have learnt some lessons from Silverstone that can result in an upturn at engine partner Mercedes's home race.

"It's still not going to be a night-and-day change that makes the difference, but I'm hoping that we can gain some advantage to help improve our results," he told his website.

"I'm looking forward to the Nürburgring - the home race for Mercedes-Benz; I'm hoping that we will have some huge improvements for the race as it would be great to give our second home crowd something to cheer and feel proud about, but we'll see.

"Places like Hungary, Valencia and Singapore should hopefully be stronger for us and so there is 'light at the end of the tunnel' for the end of season push.

"We need a competitive car before the end of the season so we can learn as much as we possibly can for next season."

Source : Planet F1


Anonymous said...

MR Alvin

we know how much you love the Hammy boy and his dad. since this year hammy boy and his dad are going to race at the tail this year, its time that u start writing about championship leader's and kimi and massa.

Remember this thing. Hamilton did not become a champion. he was gifted by ferrari last year. In fact your friend hamilton is not even fit to drive in a force india according to me .

Alvin Kassim said...

Mr anonymous,

Next time pls don't hide an anonymous. The least you could do is reveal you real name.

I don't have to write about Kimi or Ferrari as there are enough people and fans out there writing about them. There are Kimi fans and there are Hammy fans, so lets leave it at that.

If you can say that Lewis doesn't deserve to even drive a Force India, I can also say that Kimi doesn't deserve to drive a golf buggy but where will this end? And Massa last year saying everybody in the paddock was supporting him only - sounds like a load of shit doesn't it? But I don't hate Massa or his fans. In fact I respect him as he IS fit to drive a F1 car. And I like Kimi in fact even though he doesn't talk much.

But more importantly, please don't bring your hate here anymore. It will only eat you up inside.