Friday, July 17, 2009

Todt to contest FIA presidency

FUCK! That's all I can say. This idiot is the lap dog of Max Mosley. Come on, you guys can't be serious. And what about the Ferrari bias that's going to increase if Todt is FIA president? Please God no.

Thursday 16th July 2009

Jean Todt has has confirmed his candidature for the role of FIA president.

On Wednesday, Max Mosley stated he would not be running for a fifth term in office, instead proposing the 63-year-old Frenchman as his successor.

"I believe the right person to head that team would be Jean Todt," said Mosley.

"Jean is unquestionably the outstanding motorsport manager of his generation, and arguably of any generation.

"If he agrees to stand, I think he would be the ideal person to continue, but also to extend the work of the past 16 years.

"He can be relied on in all areas where the FIA is active. I very much hope you will give him your support."

24 hours later, Todt has confirmed he's putting his hat in the ring.

"Following the decision of Max Mosley not to seek a further term of office and his unequivocal support of my candidacy, I have written to the FIA membership to inform them that I wish to stand for the presidency of the FIA.

"It is my intention to continue and expand the outstanding work of president Mosley, who for 16 years has worked tirelessly to strengthen the FIA's major motor sport championships and to position the FIA as the voice of the motoring public, actively promoting safe, clean and affordable mobility for all."

As part of a 22-strong 'cabinet', Todt has proposed Brian Gibbons, chief executive of the New Zealand Automobile Association, as deputy president for mobility; Graham Stoker, chairman of the council of the UK's Motor Sports Association, as deputy president for sport; and Nick Craw, current FIA deputy president (sport), as president of the Senate.

Todt added: "I am confident that together we will offer the FIA the opportunity to elect a dynamic leadership team of outstanding experience and commitment."

The former Ferrari team principal now faces a straight fight with former World Rally Champion Ari Vatanen for the role ahead of the election due to be held on October 23.

Source : Planet F1

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