Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hamilton wants F1 to scrap 'no fun' rules

Defending champ unimpressed with conservative F1 stance 10/07/09 12:26

F1's authorities should dump the rule prohibiting post-race donuts, burnouts and flag-waving, according to reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton. Three weeks ago at Silverstone, the stewards turned a blind eye to the Briton's series of donuts, probably because he had finished well out of the points.

That kind of celebration, however, is strictly forbidden in Formula One, but Hamilton believes it is flamboyance of that nature that inspires so many to follow the sport's two-wheeled equivalent MotoGP.

"They give even more back to the fans with what they do after a race," the McLaren driver is quoted as saying by the Mirror from the Nurburgring. The rules arrived in F1 amid the push for greater safety some years ago, but Hamilton denies they are defensible on those grounds.

"It wasn't unsafe for anyone," he said of his Silverstone display, "so why shouldn't we be allowed to do it? If you want to want to celebrate a win you should be able to." Hamilton said he was impressed by "the number of people who came up to me afterwards and said, 'That was incredible'.

"When Nigel Mansell picked up Ayrton Senna on the side of his Williams (in 1991) that was
fantastic. It makes it fun and exciting," the Briton continued. "I'd love to do the flag-waving too.
Whether they would allow me is a different matter, safety has taken over a lot of things.”

Source : F1-Live

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