Friday, July 31, 2009


I did propose how interesting it would be (just for fun though ) if Michael Schumacher returned to replace Massa, didn't I? I was just fooling around, I didn't know the people involved were serious. It seems that it is coming true.

First though is that Massa is getting better and will probably race again. Maybe not this season but next year. Then again, his final condition is unknown so we'll see. He is concious now, able to sit up in bed and even taking some steps.

The funny thing about Schumacher racing again is that Ferrari have 2 test drivers who are qualified to be reserve drivers, in fact at least one of them is the official test driver but they were not considered to replace Massa. Why is that? Is Schumi more interesting? Better PR? Better driver? Sell more tickets and merchandise? One thing is for sure, a lot of people are relishing the thought of pitting Schumi against some of the best drivers from the current crop.

Talking of the current crop, Kimi should be waking up from his boozing right about now and realising that if he's not interested in F1, there's a lot of replacements out there, young or old.

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