Thursday, July 9, 2009

Max: Unanimous agreement needed to change rules

This is bullshit. This is Max's divide and conquer tactic again. How can the teams get a unanimous agreement when Max has 2 of them on his side (Manor and Campos)? There is no way that FOTA will win this one. The solution is simple - either Max goes or FOTA starts a breakaway series. I say breakaway series. Teach that motherfucker a lesson.

Wednesday 8th July 2009

The 13 Formula One teams who signed up for the 2010 Championship have been told that a unanimous agreement is needed to change regulations for the new season.

According to Autosport, FIA President Max Mosley has written to new entrants Campos Meta, US F1 and Manor Grand Prix as well as Williams and Force India stating that the Formula One Teams' Association need their consent if they want to change rules for 2010.

"Article 66 of the International Sporting Code states that no change can be made to the published regulations without the agreement of all confirmed entrants," the letter to the non-FOTA members read.

"As a result, changes to the 2010 regulations require your agreement and consent.

"I would therefore ask you engage as a matter of urgency with the FOTA teams to seek agreement and to formalise the above principals into suitable contracts and propose a draft set of FIA regulations that all teams are satisfied with.

"Should significant problems arise, I shall be glad to involve the FIA Senate, but I hope this will not be necessary.

"Once these arrangements have been finalised to your satisfaction, you will need to notify the FIA so that the regulations can be formally amended."

The 13 teams entered into next year's Championship are set to meet in Nurburgring on Wednesday to discuss the new regulations.

Campos Meta, US F1 and Manor Grand Prix signed up to F1 when a £40m budget cap was still planned for the new season. However, the FIA has since gone back on that decision following FOTA's threat to form a breakaway series.

Source : Planet F1

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