Friday, April 3, 2009


Honestly, I didn't think it was hunting season already so soon. This year the season started early. The FIA must have re-organised their forecasts and forwarded their targets for this year. Normally they'd fuck up the sport for the fans around midway through the season, that way most of us would have invested half a year on and would have no choice but to continue. This year they want to get rid of us as soon as possible.

Again, we are presented with an FIA specialty where results are decided off the track and all the excitement of the race has been taken away from us. The incident involving Lewis and Trulli looked pretty simple and could be solved via telemetry and radio transmissions. But I guess the proof was clear and not damaging enough. I mean, telemetry and radio transmissions don't lie.

It seems that recorded information was not to the stewards liking so they used a grey area subject - "felt misled". They used "feelings" to alter the results even though the data is available to show how they should feel.

My "feeling" about all this is that almost everybody, the FIA utmost, has a grudge on Lewis and are racist in nature. They somehow do not want Lewis to succeed. Why? Because he is black. There, plain and simple. The fact that he drives for McLaren doesn't help.

As much as I love F1 and can't resist watching every race and lapping up everty little detail I could find about the sport, my interest and enthusiasm is actually dying now. I feel really sick and tired of the rubbish that is going on in the sport now. Most of the rubbish created and distributed by the FIA. I really have no mood to watch the race this weekend.

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