Monday, March 2, 2009

Force India Launch

Finally, Force India have launched their car. My first impressions are the green and orange poked my eyes out. I really do not like the colour combination. Green (and that looks like a lime green) does not go with orange. The livery is a disappointment.

The shape though is another thing entirely. I must say the shape is quite nice with the nose and body flowing nicely. It does have a bit of a Toyota nose there, maybe slightly longer although a bit too high.

It seems to me that the front wing is huge. Not sure it was the picture or my eyes playing tricks on me but they look like the biggest so far. Pictures are here.

And Williams unveiled their new livery for this season. And I must say it does look nice. In fact the Williams FW31 is one of the best looking car on the grid. Pictures here.

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