Saturday, March 28, 2009


What can I say - nothing really. I was dumbstruck by the flurry of times set, not because the times were set in quick succession but because they were set by the most unlikely of drivers/teams. It's no more Ferrari-McLaren-BMW but Brawn-Red Bull-Toyota and even Force India.

It is weird trying to fathom the top 5 or even top 10 of the order without the big guns there. I was so happy to see names like Sutil, Rosberg, Button, Barrichello, Glock, Trulli, Nakajima, Vettel, Webber topping the times in quick succession. It was incredible to watch and I was laughing to myself all the time. I hardly could get my eyes off the TV.

But as fun and exciting as it was, there are deeper concerns at play. The most important being the reason all this excitement has been produced and that is the rear diffuser on Brawn, Toyota and Williams (although it didn't produced the required results for Williams in qualifying). The other teams will definitely want to produce similiar diffusers for their cars as soon as possible although I doubt they'll have it done by Sepang which means probably another clean sweep for Brawn.

But if the diffusers were to be banned before China by the FIA courts of appeal, then suddenly the 3 diffuser teams will have a problem immediately in China and the other teams might have a fighting chance.

But looking at the situation, McLaren is in the most difficult position. Either way they have a problematic car which can't be solved by a quick fix (I hope it can though). How did they get into this mess anyway? I hope they will have a solution by Sepang and if by China the diffuser is deemed legal, I hope they have a solution for that as well. As much as it was exciting to watch the grid upside down, it was no fun watching McLaren helpless like that.

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