Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sporting Power 100

The Times identifies the most influential people in British sport today. The Power 100 is a distillation from thousands of personalities, who have been judged across five categories: influence on their sports, and the knock-on effect on other sports; influence on the grass roots of sport; influence as crowd-pleasers; the esteem in which they are held by the public or their peers in sport or the sports industry; and, finally, we rated our contenders on a round-up of all the qualities that singled this outstanding century from the rest.

78. Anthony Hamilton

Manager of Formula One driver

The former British Rail worker from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, could never have known when he put his young son in a go-kart that he would turn into sport's hottest ticket. He continues to manage Lewis, the Formula One world champion, showing no sign that eventually he might be out of his depth. To judge from his son's earnings, which is are on course to reach £1billion as Lewis resembles a cash-generating combination of Tiger Woods and Michael Schumacher, he is doing fine.

11 Lewis Hamilton
Racing driver

Hamilton has made the biggest impact of any sportsman since Tiger Woods. Young, gifted and black, he burst into Formula One and became the youngest world champion in only his second season. Hamilton, 24, is widely predicted to earn more than $1 billion during his career, assuming that the public do not tire of him and his Hollywood lifestyle. That seems highly unlikely given his appeal to young and old alike as well as in the United States, where Formula One drivers, except Hamilton, are as well known as Sunday league footballers.

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